Study in Poland

Why study in Poland

Why study in Poland

Poland is located in the heart of Europe and it is a member of Europe union. Poland is characterized by it is fascinating nature and life style which is not different from other life styles in Europe. Polish people is very open and hospitable. The republic of Poland is full with very beautiful touristic sights and ancient cities, it also has a lot of museums and modern art galleries and music shows besides to sport clubs and equestrian arena, also hot springs in different parts of the country.

Universities of Poland occupy an advanced ranking between European university rankings. Where the Polish educational system provides high quality services, and this is proved by the success established by the Polish universities graduates who occupy different jobs in different fields around the world which is recognized quality and creativity. Arab student numbers is increasing in the Polish universities, for its recognition among the Arabic countries, and it cost lower than the rest of the Europe union countries.

Let your choice be Poland for the following reasons

Let your choice be Poland for the following reasons
  • Low study fees compared to other countries for all study majors and degrees.
  • Low living costs.
  • Easy to get general medicine study offers, and dentistry, pharmacy, engineering such as nuclear engineering and other specialties.
  • Easy to get accepted for postgraduate degrees such as Masters and PhDs for any major.
  • Easy visa procedures for Gulf area citizens and other Arab countries. Granting Schengen visa for students which makes it easy to travel between different Europe union countries with no need for extra visas.
  • Legally allowed for students to work.
  • Students can study in English.

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