Study in UK

Why study in UK

Why study in UK

UK became one of the most important destinations for higher education chosen by international students and this relates to noble descent and originality that descend for hundreds of years afore the United Kingdom.

It is distinguished by its prestigious institutes around UK which provides flexibility and many more advantages for international students that distinguish them from the rest of English-speaking countries.

Let your choice be UK for the following reasons

Let your choice be UK for the following reasons
  • It comes second choice destination for international students after USA where it hosted around 330,000 students from all over the world at the study year 2008/2009, students come from different nationalities such as China, India, Greece, Ireland, Germany, France, USA, Malaysia, Nigeria and Hong Kong. UK is seeking hosting more international students.
  • Nobility and international recognition of excellence, UK is distinguished by its prestigious and highest level of education in the world, where Oxford and Cambridge universities are internationally recognized as two of most important and prestigious universities in the world. Moreover there are many more excellent higher education institutes spread around UK. By graduation from one of those institutes you will guarantee a winning card to find great job opportunities.
  • Study cost is relatively low compared to other competing countries such as USA, where study fees are between 4,800€ - 12,000€ (SAR19,349 – SAR48,372) per annum and there is an option to save money by taking a short study option of three years instead of four years. The responsible authority for the enactment of laws is trying to reduce study fees for international students coming out of the Europe union, where UK fees are considered the highest.
  • Work opportunities, UK student visa allow usually students to work up to 20 hours per week during the term of study and full time job during term breaks and holidays, which helps students paying off study costs. Just bearing in mind that fees for first year of study should be available in advance.
  • Scholarships and loans, there are many options to get scholarships and loans that help students to finance their studies in UK.
  • The great opportunity available to visit the different European countries and move easily and cheaply between those countries using different kinds of transportation such as airplanes, trains and others.
  • UK is unique with it is cultural mix and variety of nationalities and religions which makes it a welcoming place for everyone.

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