Study in Turkey

Why study in Turkey

Why study in Turkey

At the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Turkey has played a crucial role in intercultural relations from ancient times to the Turkish Republic of today. As a melting pot of numerous civilizations attracted by its strategic location, Turkey is an open air living museum with an abundance of historical sites and monuments.

The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 after the collapse of the 600-year-old Ottoman Empire and a 3-year war of independence.

Let your choice be Turkey for the following reasons

Let your choice be Turkey for the following reasons
  • Turkey's economy is second only to China among the world's fastest-growing economies.
  • With a growing popularity, Turkey has impressive economic and political openings for the new emerging markets.
  • From the countries in the region, there is a strong interest in the culture and lifestyle of Turkey.
  • There are now around 170 colleges and universities across the country, with more than 30,000 international students.
  • Language studies are very popular among international students. However, studying languages is not the only thing bringing students to Turkey: there is a variety of English-language programs offered in a number of other subjects. Some Turkish universities use English as the medium of teaching while others offer at least the opportunity to learn English. Above all, the high quality of education will prepare you for a future anywhere in the world.
  • The Turkish education system offers international students a rich field of choices. You will find a number of options to fit just about any need from specialized degrees to unique programs geared toward international students.

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