Study Spanish in Spain


Spain, a country of an extraordinary beauty, is home to some of the most ancient universities in Europe and the cradle to one of the most important languages in the world, Spain has become the most popular destination for students within the educational exchange program Erasmus and for summer study abroad programs. No matter you plan to study in Spain a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree, or enroll in a summer study abroad program, the Spanish educational system is designed to provide students with a wide range of subjects and study opportunities. While the usual language of instruction is Spanish, you will also find many degrees offered in English or any other foreign language.

Learn Spanish in Spain

You are able to study Spanish in Spain and discover the combination between ancient history and modern creative spirit of this world.

If you are interested in studying Spanish language in Spain then we are prepared to help you and provide with personal advising about the different choices and options for study. We provide as well the latest information about courses, language institutes, visas and travel to make your study experience beneficial and fun.

  • What are language study expenses in Spain?

    Study fees for Spanish language starts with EUR600 monthly, in addition to other expenses such as accommodation, food, medical insurance, and airport pickup. Prices are different according to the different institutes and type of course and duration.

  • Language institutes

    Whatever your language level is, the language institutes in Spain will help you to improve and develop your Spanish language skills where those institutes have certified teachers with high degree of education. There are many language institutes in Spain spread all over the different states and cities.

  • What are the conditions and procedures to get accepted?

    Getting a language offer in Spain is easy and simple; all we need is a copy of your passport, latest study certificate from the student.

  • What is the required time to secure an offer with accommodation booking?

    We are able to secure a language offer within 1-2 days in addition to accommodation booking inside or outside the institute or homestay with Spanish family for the length of the study within few days.

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