Robberto D'errico - Italy

Hello, I am from Italy and was living in Dubai, currently I am student in Bournemouth University in the UK, I would like to thank Yes Atlas Abu Dhabi for the great efforts in helping me getting a conditional offer in such a short time also for all the support that they have been given to me throughout the whole process. their producers where very easy and things went very well for me, they also managed to help me with the securing a close accommodation from the campus I am studying in. A special thanks to Murad Because of him I saved time and a lot of efforts. he is a lovely and comfortable person to deal with too.


Thank you Yes Atlas Team for helping me getting me into Atlantis University in USA without your support I don't think I would do it on my own. Next year my sister will finish high school and I will ask her to visit you :)

Momtaz shetty - India

I visited Yes Atlas during earlier this year where they helped me to get a pathway offer and I am currently studying German language in Berlin and preparing for my language placement test where I will hopefully pass it and enroll to the university. Thank you Yes Atlas for making this happen!

Ahmed Alnajjar - Syria

Hi, I am Hasan I came to Yes Atlas to look for information about studying in Germany, I found out they can help me and they did! they got me a conditional offer to a German language school and they also helped in opening a bank account in Germany as well as trained me for the embassy interview which got me to get my visa to Germany! I am preparing myself to travel now and everything is going as planned. I want to thank ask Yes Atlas Amazing team for organizing all of this. I don’t think I could get my visa without their support.

Amando Aldana - Spain

I am Amando, I work and live in Australia, I hold a bachelor degree in International business from the University of Western Australia,I met Zarour from Yes Atlas during my stay in Jordan in 2011 and he helped me to prepare all the documents and the application process for the university, thanks to Ahmad and Yes Atlas team I managed to live and work in the country I dreamt of living in.

Shadi Abdulhay - Lebanon

I am Omar 20 years old used to live in Jaddeh/Saudi Arabia, I visited Raoof from Yes Atlas office first time to ask about information for studying English in USA and I must say, the team there is very professional and helpful they suggested to help me to also get an offer for studying in USA , I didn't expect that that a university would accept me because of low level of English, and even though they managed to get me a conditional offer that requires me to study me to study English there for a year and then start with university. I am studying and working at the moment, it is actually fun to do so because I get to save money and spend on myself! I am very happy and glad that I visited Yes Atlas office in Saudi Arabia, my life has changed and it's because of them! big thanks!