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Study and living cost in Malaysia

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Study and living expenses in Malaysia

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Study expenses

Malaysia offers typical education with low and competitive prices compared to other similar big universities around the world. Where study fees are between $6000- $10000 a year, the price depends on the study specialty chosen by the students, degree level whether bachelor, master or PHD, and type of university to be joined. It is counted as best price for international student among all countries.

As for English language study fees it is different according to the different study length and institute which are between $400 to $700.

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Living and accommodation costs

The low living costs in Malaysia attracts a lot of international students, the general spending for living in university dormitories or outside the dormitories is a suitable average for students budget. Different universities provide student dormitories, or a student can rent a place with other students to share for their desire and financial ability. Accommodation cost is between $85 to $250 per month. Other spending like food, transportation, laundry, ironing clothes, and other important stuff depends of each individual life style and it can be between $170 to $260 per month.

It should be mentioned that students coming to study in Malaysia get attractive offers to ease their expenses, such as part time jobs at the university, besides big discounts in transportation and entertaining trips and books prices, which prevent students from stress that might affect the study progress.

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