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Study and living cost in Australia

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Study and living expenses in Australia

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Study expenses

Study fees for Australian institutes varies between AU$10000 –AU$25000 per annum.

Study fees for first degree within the liberal arts varies between AU$15000- AU$19000, while for science it varies between AU$16000 – AU$22000 per annum.

For postgraduate degrees- Master and PHD- study fees varies between AU$18000 – AU$25000 per annum.

For language study fees it varies according to the study duration and educational institution between AU$350 – AU$ 550 per week.

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Living and accommodation costs

In relation to housing, the cost varies between AU$300 – AU$550 per week, it varies according to the location and the options to live with a hosting family or private housing.

In relation to personal expenses – food, drinks and clothing it varies between AU$200 – AU$350 per week, including transportation and entertainment.

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