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Extenguished services

Yes Atlas team is fully aware of the challenges facing students when moving to study abroad and the responsibilities on their shoulders for this process, therefore we at Yes Atlas take care of helping each student to search, plan and understand the procedures and required precautions by our extended and long expertise in this field. With the support of international educational associations, we have complete ability and extended expertise to manage this process making it enjoyable, safe and fruitful experience for the student with our understanding of the student feeling, needs and desires

Whether you are sponsored or non-sponsored student by Saudi Arabia or any other Middle Eastern country, we are ready to help you plan your study abroad, even if you are actually abroad, we are also ready to guide you about your future study.

At Yes Atlas we are specialized with providing best advisory services and facilitating study offers with world leading institutes and universities which are fully recognized by the higher education ministry worldwide to help students who desire to receive best study opportunities around the world. Our main objective is helping Arab students to find best suitable study options to their needs and desires

Advanced services

We at Yes Atlas are able to provide a complete set of outstanding services, and here are some of our main services which are only a part of what you will find available at request or need:

1. Free educational advising about all matters that are needed by students related to academic path for the length of the study.

2. Securing English language offers with different English institutes around the worl

3. Study planning and student guiding towards prestigious universities within the field of his expertise and helping to receive the university offer

4. Facilitating, accelerating and completing the visa process to increase the chances of getting it even for those who were rejected previously

5. Providing concierge services from the airport, housing, medical insurance and assistance with the search for work in the event of student desire of that

6. The student is our responsibility in every aspect related to his study.

We are proud of our partnership with ,leading online search platform for language classes, professional training, and academic programs throughout the world.

We are proud of our partnership with Modarby platform, the largest platform for private lessons and training courses in the Middle East.