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Canada is unique with its fascinating and eye-catching nature, besides its ancient history and international ruins and rich culture. Canada has enormous number of best universities and colleges in the world which has accreditation and acknowledgement by the entire world. The climate in Canada is special with diversity, where a beautiful summer season and cold winter. Canada is a place most welcoming of multi culture and encourages diversity of cultures, it is considered as a quiet, safe and organized place and one of the safest countries in the world.

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Learn English in Canada

Each year, over 200,000 students come to study in Canada and an increasing number come specifically for language courses in English or French. When you study English or French in Canada, you will learn so much more than the pleasant pronunciation of Canadian English or the wonderful romance of Canadian French. You will learn about the beauty of a country that has more than two million lakes, more than 1000 parks, four distinct seasons and many natural wonders.

If you are interested to study English in Canada, you can count on Yes Atlas to provide you with the possible help and personal advising in relation to available study opportunities. We will provide you with the latest information about the language institutes, language courses in addition to visas and travel to make the study experience beneficial and fun.

• What are the costs for language study and living in Canada?

Language study in Canada is not expensive compared to other countries, where you can receive an offer that includes registration fees, study fees, accommodation and food fees, medical insurance and airport concierge fees for a starting amount of CA$2000 (SA6056) per month, or you can receive a full offer for 3 months which is best choice relatively to the cost which starts with CA$6000 in accordance to the different prices between different institutes.

• What are the best language institutes in Canada which are internationally accredited?

Canadian language institutes aim to help you improve and develop your language skills whatever your needs or academic level are, the accredited institutes have certified teachers with high level of education, and some of those prestigious institutes are:

The Language Gallery, ILAC, Global village, Oxford International Education and other international famous Canadian institutes that are spread around Canadian cities.

• What are the conditions and procedures of acceptance?

Language study in Canada is considered to be easy and routine, all we need from you is a copy of your passport, general information and initial booking fees. Note: study commences every Monday each week in the Canadian institutes.

• What are the advantages of living with a Canadian family?

Most of the new students for summer language courses prefer living in a homestay with a Canadian family to get the advantage of speaking to the family members to improve their English language skills besides getting to know the customs and culture of Canada also to build friendship relations with the family encouraging students to initiate and mingle with a cultural and open society. There are many Canadian families that welcome Arab students in particular Saudis and embrace them as part of their own with consideration of Halal food and other details.

• What is the required time to get a language offer and accommodation?

We are able to secure language offers within a day or two in addition to accommodation booking within the institute or external accommodation or homestay with a Canadian family for the length of the study in few days.

• What are the requirements and method to apply for language student visa in Canada?

We are able to secure visas for students who are interested to travel and study English in Canada within two to six weeks. You are able to get a tourist visa for those who are studying less than 6 months, or a student visa for those who are studying more than 6 months. We need a bank statement or a financial guarantee, a valid passport for at least 6 months and general information.

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