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in New Zealand

New Zealand outstands with its isolated geographic location where it is located around 2000 KM (1200 Mile) South East Australia through the Tasman sea, its closest neighbors are New Caledonia Fiji and Tonga towards the North…the majority of its people from European background, while the indigenous Maori are the biggest minority. Asians non Maori and Polynesians constitute a significant minority as well specially in urban areas. The most common language is English. New Zealand is counted as one of the developed countries where it is classified high in the world classification within different subjects including education, economical freedom and absence of corruption. Its cities are classified among the most suitable for living around the world.

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Learn English in in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places for international students to go when it comes to learn English. English is the national language of New Zealand and there are actually a number of ways for students to get past the problems that they may have with the English language, and actually learn how to speak it better when they decide to study abroad in New Zealand.

New Zealand offers stretches of stunning golden beaches and breathtaking coastal mountain ranges with national parks, forests, lakes and lively cities with galleries, museums, theatres, concerts and more. New Zealand makes a great destination for studying English.

If you have the desire to study English in New Zealand, we are prepared to provide you with possible help and personal advising about the choices and study opportunities. We also provide the latest information about courses, English language institutes, visas and travel to make the study experience fruitful and enjoyable.

What is the cost to study English in New Zealand including housing?

English language study cost in New Zealand is not expensive compared to other countries, where you can receive an offer that includes registration, study, housing expenses and food, health insurance, and airport concierge starting with NZ$3000 per month, or you can get an offer for three months which is best option relatively with the starting price of NZ$9000 in accordance to the different prices between different institutes.

Which are best and internationally accredited language institutes in New Zealand?

New Zealand language institutes aim to help and develop your English language skills whatever your needs are or academic level is, those recognized institutes have certified teachers with high level of education some of those distinguished institutes are:

LSI, Kaplan, Embassy English, Southern Lakes English College, Academic Colleges Group – ACG and more of famous New Zealander institutes which are located in heart New Zealand cities.

What are the conditions and procedures to get an offer?

English study in New Zealand is considered easy and routine, where New Zealander institutes are versatile and provide different services with different prices, all we need is a copy of passport, general information in addition to initial booking fees. Note: study begins every Monday for each week.

What are the benefits of living with a New Zealander family?

The majority of students who are coming for Summer language study prefer to live with a New Zealander family to get benefits from talking to the family members and improve their English language besides getting familiar with the people habits and traditions and building friendship relations with the family to enforce students confidence to mingle with a civilized and opened society. There are many New Zealander families who are welcoming Arab students especially Saudis, and embrace them as part of their own families with consideration of Halal food and other details.

What is the required time to secure a language offer with accommodation?

We are able to secure a language offer within one to two days in addition to booking housing with the institute dormitories or outside the institute or with a New Zealander family for the length of the study period within few days.

What are the requirements and method to apply for a language study visa in New Zealand?

We are able to secure visas for students who desire to travel and study language in New Zealand within few days no more than three weeks, moreover Gulf area citizens are able to travel to New Zealand for up to three months without the need for a visa, where the institute will provide visas for students who would like to continue for another language course after the three months period, or we can apply for a study visa in advance before the student travel with the conditions of providing us with (a bank statement or a financial guarantee, and a passport valid for 6 months at least).

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