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Australia is fully located in the southern half of the globe. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean from East, and Indian Ocean from West, it is surrounded by several islands and considered the only country in the world occupying a whole continent. It is the smallest continent in the world and least populated and considered as one of most beautiful countries in the world where you can observe fascinating natural scenery, enjoy beaches, travel through wonderful regions and watch many touristic sights among other activities that makes it such enjoyable time for visitors.

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Learn English in Australia

International students market in Australia is considered to be one of the biggest in the country. Studying English in Australia is about much more than reciting words in a classroom. Australia's teaching approach focuses on critical thinking, as well as group and project work – all drawn from real-life experiences, which means you will not only be learning the language, you will be learning how to use it in everyday life.

By studying English in Australia, students will gain a huge range of life skills they cannot get at home. Invaluable skills like problem-solving, leading diverse teams of people, and applying their English to real-world situations – abilities students will draw on for the rest of their life. With a multicultural mix of students in Australia's educational facilities, students will learn the world’s language in a truly international environment.

How much does it cost to study and live in Australia?

Australia is considered to be the perfect destination to enjoy the highest educational standard with good living standards, and one of Australia’s features is its reasonable prices in relation to living and study costs compared to competing countries such as UK and USA. As for language offer you are able to receive a full offer that includes study and registration fees along with housing, food, health insurance and airport concierge for the starting price of AU$2800 per month, or you can receive an offer for three months which is best choice relatively with the starting price of AU$6300 in accordance to the different prices between different institutes.

What are the best language institutes in Australia which are internationally accredited?

There are many Australian language institutes which are internationally accredited aiming to help you developing your English language skills no matter what your needs are or your academic level is. Those accredited institutes have certified teachers with high level of education and some of those distinguished institutes are:

LSI, Kaplan, International House Sydney – HIS, Embassy English, and many others famous and available in all Australian cities.

What are the conditions and procedures for acceptance?

Studying English language is considered easy and routine, all we need is a copy of your valid passport and general information in addition to initial booking fees. Note: study starts every Monday each week

What are the benefits of living with an Australian family?

Living with an Australian family is best choice for students especially to improve their language skills, where most of coming students prefer to live with a family to get benefits of talking to the family members and improve their English language skills along with getting to know the Australian customs and traditions and building friendship relations with the family encouraging students to initiate mixing with a civilized and open society. There are many families who welcome Arab students especially Saudis and embrace them as part of their own with considerations of Halal food and other details.

What is the required time to secure an offer and housing booking?

You are able to join any language course throughout the year, where we can secure an offer within one to two days in addition to booking housing with the institute dormitories or external housing or homestay family for the length of the study within few days.

What are the requirements and method for visa application to obtain a language student visa in Australia?

We are able to secure obtaining visas for students who are interested to travel and study English language within few days and no more than three weeks, we need available (bank statement or financial guarantee, valid passport for at least 6 months, and student health cover for the length of the student visa which will be booked by the language institute. Visas can vary in accordance to the study period, where in case of less than three months study period a visitor visa can be obtained while for a period of 3 months or more a student visa must be obtained.

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