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Study English in Poland

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Poland is a great country in which to study English. In Poland, you will find a wide selection of courses you can take at low cost.

Students will discover a great friendly country, and a hardworking people always welcoming visitors to their country. Also Polish cities allow students to get out and practice their language with locals.

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Learn English in Poland

In almost every big city, there are public and private schools offering English language studying. Course availability is rich and the schools are continuously expanding their offerings to suit the market demand. Learning English in Poland gives you a solid Knowledge and a better chance to find a good university in the EU and beyond!

You do not have to know Polish in order to study in Poland. A good knowledge of English gives you an opportunity to study at the majority of Polish Universities. You can also pick courses in French or German. A few basic phrases in Polish though will make your stay more enjoyable in the country

If you are interested to study English in Poland then we are prepared to help you and provide you with personal advising about study choices. We also provide latest information about courses, institutes, visas and travel to makes your study experience beneficial and fun.

• What are expenses to study English in Polish institutes along with accommodation?

Study fees in Poland are very competitive compared to other countries in the Europe union which provide same services. Where the fees reach EUR1200 including registration, accommodation, food, medical insurance and airport pick up.

• English institutes in Poland

There are many language teaching institutes in Poland with different levels, which provide English training with variety of courses with greatest atmosphere and techniques for professional teaching and vibrant stay.

• What are the conditions for acceptance?

It is easy and simple to get a language offer in Poland, all we need is a copy of your passport, general information, in addition to initial booking fees.

• What is the required time to get an offer and booking accommodation?

We can secure a language offer within 1-2 days in addition to accommodation booking within the institute or outside for the length of your study within few days.

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