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Why study in Europe

Europe is one of the most popular places to get a higher education and is a top-choice destination for many students from all over the world. The continent, comprised of 44 countries, each of which has unique reasons that compel students from around the world to study in Europe.

Regardless of your field, your degree level, or your area of academic interest, there is no doubt that making the choice to study in Europe will take a student’s career, aspirations, or opportunities to the next level. Leading programs in science and technology, medicine, business, and more attract diverse students from unique backgrounds to join in the pursuit of academic excellence and cultural immersion. With some of the world’s highest-ranked universities and colleges, it’s no wonder students choose to study in Europe in ever-increasing numbers.alternate image

5 Reasons to Study in Europe

1. World-Class Education

The universities and colleges across the European continent are some of the most academically rigorous and most well-renowned on a global scale. Whether you want to study in Europe to advance your knowledge of medicine , science, engineering ,education, international policy, the humanities, the arts, or any other number of degree paths, you will certainly have no trouble finding a school that meets your needs while claiming the title of one of the world’s leading institutions.

2. Value for Money

While the US is known for its academic rigor, it is also known for its steep tuition prices. The same can be said for other western countries such as Canada, the UK, and Australia. Taking the option to study in Europe, however, ensures that students find a balance between prestige and cost-effectiveness. With scholarships available for international students and a lower overall cost of tuition, not to mention increased benefits for students throughout cities and towns surrounding universities, choosing to study in Europe might be one of the best decisions you can make not only for your diploma but also for your wallet. 

You might also consider looking at the difference between public and private institutions. In countries like Finland and Greece, no private universities exist - all are public and therefore cheaper to not only EU citizens but also students studying abroad. Other countries such as Germany have a mixture of public and private institutions, the latter of which come at a higher price tag. Private universities cost is starting from 6,000 euro per year. Public universities, however, are much lower: You can find a course for 500 euro per year!

3. Career Advancement

Taking your studies abroad is one of the best resume-building decisions you can make. It shows employers that you can adapt to different environments, have an interest in learning new cultures and norms, and are able to think and act independently. To study in Europe is to take your career, whether you’ve already begun it or are hoping to do so after you graduate, to the next level. The types of jobs and companies interested in you will likely expand from your experience, giving you more opportunities to choose from and more potential to succeed.

4. Cultural Experience

When you choose to study in Europe, you make the choice to surround yourself not just with one of the most diverse student bodies available, but also with one of the world’s richest centers for history. In doing so, you choose to open the door to a world of culture as you’ve never seen before. No matter where you come from or what your background is, Europe provides the opportunity to get a first-hand look not only at some of the places and histories that have shaped the world as we know it, but to do so alongside other students undergoing the same eye-opening experiences. The culture of the continent is one of the most appealing aspects of choosing to study in Europe.

5. Travel Abroad while Studying Abroad

The culture you get to experience when you study in Europe is not just limited to the people you interact with or the city and country in which you choose to take your academic career. Because of the continent’s incredible infrastructure and low-cost airlines, as well as its Schengen region - which allows visa-free entry to all locations within its borders - the ability to travel while you study in Europe is virtually unrivaled. Spending each weekend in a different country or city is not unheard of, and is, in fact, a fairly common practice - though be sure not to miss out on what your immediate surroundings have to offer as well! 

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