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Study in Ukraine

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Why study in Ukraine

Bordering seven countries, two continents, and two seas, the country of Ukraine is a fascinating and beautiful destination for students to take their studies. The country is the second largest in Europe and falls within the world’s top fifty when it comes to geographical area, meaning that the landscapes, sites, and scenery are all varied and unique, offering guests – travelers, students, and business people – a range of attractions. Known for its vast farmlands and fertile soil, Ukraine is one of the largest producers of grain on the planet. Kiev, regarded as “the city of a thousand golden domes,” serves as the country’s capital and acts as one of Eastern Europe’s most significant industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural centers.

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Why Choosing Ukraine

1. Quality of Education

Ukraine is one of Eastern Europe’s leaders in terms of industry, business, and education. Perhaps due to the fact that the country is the largest that falls entirely in Europe (Russia is split between Europe and Asia), the institutes, universities, and schools across the country are recognized worldwide for their academic rigor.

2. No Need for TOEFL or IELTS

Especially for students looking to study English language, the fact that Ukraine does not require foreign students to pass a language examination means that the country is a hub for many new learners of the language. They have the advantage of learning English from the very roots in Ukraine, while in some other countries, they might have to have a certain degree of comprehension in order to even apply for programs.

3. Easy Visa Process

Students from many countries are not even required to obtain a visa before traveling to Ukraine for their studies. However, even those from locations that do need a visa will find that the process is simple and straightforward. See more on this process below under “Visas.”

4. Diversity

Ukraine is an incredibly diverse country in many capacities. Due to its sheer geographical footprint, the country has a diverse set of environments, wildlife, landscapes, and scenery that will inspire students from all backgrounds. From historic cities to peaceful plains, to lively beaches and breath-taking mountains, Ukraine offers adventures around every corner. The people of the country are as diverse as the nature: sophisticated businesspeople cross paths and engage with local farmers and shopkeepers, all of whom likely have historical ties to one of the seven countries touching Ukraine.

5. Modern History

The country of Ukraine is one of the newest on the planet, having been formally recognized only in 1991. Since then, it has made world news for its relationship with Russia as it continues to develop as a young nation. The country is home to a history that is continuing to unfold to this very day and which dates back centuries to ancient times.

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