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Study and living cost in Ukraine

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Study and living expenses in Ukraine

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Study expenses

Ukraine is widely regarded as one of he most affordable locations for higher education in Europe. Students attending universities in the country tend to study industries such as engineering, science, business management, and other such fields, though there is a wide diversity of programs meeting the needs and desires of all students.

On average, depending on which field a student chooses to pursue, annual tuition fees in Ukraine will fall between 1500 USD and 3500 USD.

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Living and accommodation costs

The cost of living, like that of education, is known worldwide to be very inexpensive. In fact, the main city and country’s capital of Kiev is regarded to be the 8th most affordable major city on the planet, which indicates that the rest of the country has an even lower cost of living, on average.

A two-bedroom apartment in the city can be as low as 230 USD each month. Divided between two people, that’s a monthly cost of just over 115 USD – an incredible cost for being situated in a major European city. Food and nightlife, as well as transportation and other day-to-day costs are comparably low.

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