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Study and living cost in Czech

We provide conditional and unconditional approvals within a few days.

Study and living expenses in Czech Republic

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Study expenses

Study fees are between 2640 USD – 19000 USD per annum where it is different according to the location, study period, and different institutes.

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Living and accommodation costs

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is substantially lower than in any West European country. Altogether, expenses covering food, accommodation, public transport and cultural activities come to about 350-750 USD/month. Naturally, it all depends on the student’s lifestyle and on how much he/she really wants to spend. Prices can also vary considerably depending on where you stay.

All students should consider obtaining an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). It allows cardholders to get student discounts on transport, restaurants, cinemas, museums, exhibitions and concerts. In principle, students coming to the Czech Republic should obtain an ISIC card from their home university or in their home country.

The majority of higher education institutions own dormitories. If you require university accommodation, look for “koleje” or “dormitories” on your chosen institution’s website. If you prefer to live in private rented accommodation, flats and rooms can be found listed on websites such as

After being accepted for studies in the Czech Republic, students should apply for a visa.

The whole procedure for obtaining a visa for study purposes can take up to 60 days, and it is thus recommended to apply for the visa well in advance. The requirements for obtaining a visa change from time to time. This means that students should consult their Czech Embassy or Consulate for the latest information regarding visa requirements. There is a short-term visa (for stays up to 90 days) and a long-term visa (for stays over 90 days). Students staying for a period longer than 3 months can also apply for a long-term residence permit for study purposes.

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