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Europe is one of the most diverse contexts in which to study and live. Students who choose to study in Europe are opening themselves up to intercultural experiences between various countries, societies, and histories, each comprised of different languages, traditions, and norms, and all at your fingertips thanks to rich and vibrant educational opportunities that attractive diverse students from across the globe.

With some of the leading universities, colleges, and programs in the world, Europe attracts students from around the globe to study all subjects at all levels in all contexts. Leading institutions on a global scale attract the world’s best and brightest to study in Europe in any number of cities, countries, and regions, making it one of the most fruitful opportunities available for those looking to expand their horizons and increase future opportunities in any sense.

Regardless of your field, your degree level, or your area of academic interest, there is no doubt that making the choice to study in Europe will take your career, aspirations, or opportunities to the next level. Leading language programs bring together students from unique backgrounds to join together in the pursuit of language learning and cultural immersion. With some of the world’s leading programs and diverse experiences, it’s no wonder students choose to study in Europe in ever-increasing numbers.alternate image

Learn English in Europe

If you are interested in studying new languages in Europe or to perfect or advance your understanding of other languages you already speak, then we are prepared to help you where it is possible and provide personal advising about different study choices. Whether you want to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Polish, or any other European language, we provide the latest information about courses, educational institutes, travel and visa to make the study experience beneficial and fun. 

What are the costs for language study and living in Europe?

Language study in Europe is relatively inexpensive compared to other countries. You can receive an offer that includes registration fees, study fees, homestay-half board, medical insurance and airport concierge fees for a starting amount of 2200€ per month, or you can receive a full offer for 3 months, which might help to save a bit of money as you are committing to a longer period.

What are the best language institutes in Europe which are internationally accredited?

European language institutes aim to help you improve and develop your language skills whatever your needs or academic level are, the accredited institutes have certified teachers with a high level of education, and some of those prestigious institutes are:

GEOS and Sparchcaffe for the German language, Eurocentres for the French language, And for the Spanish language Enforex and in2spanishmadrid.  

What are the conditions and procedures of acceptance?

All we need from you is a copy of your passport, general information, and initial booking fees.

What are the advantages of living with a European family?

Accommodation is often one of the most stressful factors to international students before arrival in Europe. Many new students who study in Europe with language courses prefer living in a homestay with a European family, which adds to their experience and helps them learn to communicate better and engage with the local culture more. All European hosting families are selected carefully to provide safety and convenience for students. You can live in a single room at a family homestay to guarantee privacy. Through this experience, students get to know and learn the traditions of the locals, and you will feel among a family of your own from the minute you arrive at the airport.

What is the required time to get a language offer and accommodation?

We can secure language offers within a day or two in addition to accommodation booking within the institute, external accommodation, or homestay with a European family for the length of the study in only a few days.

What are the requirements and method to apply for language student visa to study in Europe?

We can secure visas for students who are interested to travel and study in Europe within 2 to 6 weeks.

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