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Study and living cost in China

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Study and living expenses in China

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Study expenses

China is, surprisingly, a cost-effective location to take your studies – even in megacities like Beijing or Shanghai, where tuition fees can be slightly higher than average in the country. The fees pay for some of the best quality a student can engage with. In fact, the Chinese government has recently doubled its efforts to bring international students to the country, and offered an incredible 40% of international students a scholarship or financial aid in 2015.

On average, the cost of tuition in the country – without a scholarship – is approximately 4500 USD or 11,000 USD for programs in taught English, depending on enrollment in a public or private institution.

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Living and accommodation costs

The location a student chooses will directly affect the cost of living in the country. Those choosing a megacity like Beijing, the most expensive city in the country, can expect their monthly fees, including housing, food, nightlife, and more, is about 800 USD. Shanghai drops slightly to 750 USD, on average.

In most other smaller Chinese cities, students could manage relatively well with a budget of merely 440 – 550 USD per month. This price tag can also include the accommodation if you live in a residence hall, which tends to be slightly more affordable than off-campus options.

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