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Located on the western banks of the Black Sea, Georgia – like Hungary – is considered to be a cultural bridge. On the border between Asia and Europe, the country is home to a diverse and unique mixture of cultures, stemming largely from its history with surrounding countries and its physical location between the two continents. With a small population of less than half of that in New York City or London, Georgia is highly community-driven and religious. The people are known to be warm and friendly to visitors, and the landscape is considered to be one of the most stunning in the world. Its rich history is balanced by its futuristic architecture that is recognized globally in architectural circles.

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Learn English in Georgia

Georgia is likely not the first place that comes to mind when students are seeking out opportunities to study English. However, many might be surprised to find that the country, whose official language is Georgian and whose citizens often speak Russian, is known for its having made a big push in English language studies beginning in 2010.

Recruiting teachers and language specialists, as well as opening up institutions and schools dedicated to spreading knowledge of the language around the country, Georgia has raised a generation who knows English and its importance on a global scale. In the country, students and young adults can be found speaking English, although the trend is less common among older citizens.

If you have the desire to study English in Georgia, we are prepared to provide you with the help and personal advice you will need to navigate the choices and study opportunities. We also provide the latest information about courses, English language institutes, visas and travel procedures to make the study experience fruitful and enjoyable.

What is the cost to study English in Georgia including housing?

English language courses are relatively affordable on Georgia, making it s premier destination to study the language. You can receive an offer that includes registration and study starting at approximately 160EUR for 40 hours, with classes being taught seven days each week. Additional fees may apply depending on the institute or which region of the country you live in. Housing costs also vary across the country, but are generally considered to be affordable.

Which are best internationally accredited language institutes in Georgia?

Georgian language institutes aim to help you improve and develop your language skills no matter your needs or academic level. The following list of accredited institutes have certified teachers with high levels of education:

British Council, British Language Centre Tbilisi, International House Tbilisi, Caucasus Academic Centre, Art & Communication Academy, and more.

What are the conditions and procedures to get an offer?

English study in Georgia is considered relatively easy and routine. Georgian institutes are versatile and provide different services with different prices, all we need is a copy of your passport, general information, and initial booking fees. Note: courses are offered daily, seven days per week.

What are the benefits of living with a Georgian family?

Living with a host family in Georgia can have many benefits, ranging from cultural immersion to financial savings. Many Georgians speak English, especially younger adults, teens, and children, meaning that living with a host family can give students studying English extra practice around the house. Additionally, many benefit while they are far from home with the familial senses provided by living with a host family in the country. They are afforded more opportunities to understand what day-to-day life is in Georgia, and they can forge relationships that last a lifetime.

What is the required time to secure a language offer with accommodation?

We are able to secure language offers within a day or two and accommodation bookings either within the institute or in external homestay accommodations with a Georgian family, lasting the entire length of study, in just a few days.

What are the requirements and methods to apply for a language study visa in Georgia?

We are able to secure visas for students who desire to travel and study language in Georgia from anywhere from a few days to no more than three weeks. We can help the student apply for a study visa in advance before the time of travel if we are provided with a bank statement or a financial guarantee, and passport valid for at least 6 months.

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