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Study and living cost in Europe

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Study and living expenses in Europe

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Study expenses

Studying in Europe is one of the most rewarding experiences students can have. It is important, of course, to keep in mind the cost of studying there, in terms of annual tuition, so you can properly prepare for your time abroad.

Europe is comprised of 44 countries, each of which has varying ranges of annual tuition fees based upon private versus public institutions, degree level, and overall cost of living in the country. Non-EU students looking for bachelor’s Degrees at leading public universities can enjoy the tuition-free education Europe has to offer, with only registration fees from as low as 50€ to 1,500€ per year. Private universities tend to be a bit higher.

You might consider looking at the difference between public and private institutions to get a better idea of your tuition cost per year. In countries like Finland and Greece, no private universities exist - all are public and therefore cheaper to not only EU citizens but also students studying abroad. Other countries such as Germany have a mixture of public and private institutions, the latter of which come at a higher price tag. private universities will charge anywhere from 6000.

In addition to some other expenses such as student services and activities, medical insurance for living and studying abroad are valuable investments and the cost is starting from 700 per year.

These are just averaging - it’s important to do your research and make sure you know all the details of the institutions and countries you’re specifically looking into when you seek to study in Europe. Luckily, we’re here to help you with anything you need. Get in touch with one of our counselors today!

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Living and accommodation costs

The opportunity to experience day-to-day life in Europe is one of the best parts about studying in Europe. However, it is understandable that cost comes to mind when you think about studying abroad anywhere, especially in some of the countries with the highest costs of living in the world. Not all countries are created equal, though, especially when it comes to cost of living. 

A few rules of thumb to remember are that the further north and/or west on the continent you move, the higher the cost of living will climb. Furthermore, when looking to live and study in Europe, consider that more urban settings come with more amenities, but also higher price tags and smaller accommodation for the cost. Students in countries like Germany can expect accommodation cost starting from 250 € per month. 

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