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Study in Georgia

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Why study in Georgia

With a population less than half of that of New York City or London, the country of Georgia is comprised of a small community of people with a rich culture and a varied, complex history. Visitors, travelers, and students interested in the country will experience a broad range of activities, cultural traditions, and academic experiences while there, helping them to expand their intercultural understanding and intellectual efforts. Often regarded as on of the most overlooked destinations in the world, Georgia is home to stunning feats of modern design, gorgeous vistas, awe-inspiring landscapes and natural backdrops, and even the highest mountain range in Europe.

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Why Choosing Georgia

1. Strong Academic Programs

The educational system in Georgia is rapidly developing, marking significant advancements and introducing new, world-class courses year after year. With over 60 state-recognized institutions, as well as a range of private universities and colleges, Georgia has much to offer the adventurous students who choose the unique destination.

2. Unique Destination

Many people do not think to travel to the small country south of Russia. Students who opt to take their studies here will have a unique experience, with a deeper cultural immersion than many others who choose more common destinations like the US or UK.

3. Hospitable Culture

New visitors – whether business people, travelers, or students - are warmly welcomed to the country by local Georgians. The famous saying “A guest is a gift from God” is tightly adhered to in this highly religious culture. Plying visitors with local food and drink, introducing them to the amazing experiences the country has to offer, and even offering them a bed for the night, the Georgians take their hospitality very seriously.

4. Futuristic Architectural Marvels

Georgia is home to some of the most beautiful and impressive architectural feats of our time, which can be found in all regions of the country serving nearly every purpose. Even its parliamentary building, resembling a massive glass and concrete bubble, stands out among global governmental structures.

5. Natural Beauty

Georgia is overflowing with natural and stunning sites, vistas, and scenery. Home to a surprising number of landscapes, animals, and adventures, the country entices explorers from across the globe. Students, of course, are often among them. One of the most impressive natural wonders of the country is its colossal mountain ranges, like the Caucasus Mountains, which mark the border between Georgia and Russia and are home to the tallest peaks in Europe.

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