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Study and living expenses in Malta

Study expenses

Malta, despite its close ties with the more expensive UK, has incredibly affordable tuition for international students, based on a variety of factors. Because it is a member of the EU, locals and students from within the Union have a more discounted offering than those from outside those borders.

However, even for international students outside the EU, the overall cost of annual tuition is only approximately 1080 EUR.

Living and accommodation costs

Like its tuition fees, the cost of living in Malta is relatively low, especially when compared to the high quality of life students in the country are offered on a daily basis. The smallest country in the European Union, Malta provides its stunning beaches, world-class education, and rich culture of a relatively low fee.

Overall, rent tends to be approximately 550EUR each month, which is a low price in a tropical paradise. Meals and drinks, social excursions, and cultural adventures also come at a lower price tag than many other Mediterranean destinations, which makes the country and ideal one in which to study.

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