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Studying English abroad

How do I get all the information related to English courses and English language programs?

You can then visit the site FindCourse website ( ,which contains the latest English language courses in 10 countries around the world and more than 2,000 international accredited language institute.

What is the difference between the General English and the Intensive English?

  • General English: English Language Course that does not exceed 20 hours per week program.

  • Intensive English Course: Intensive English program could be up to 30 hours a week.

When dose an English Courses normally starts in the US?

  • If it’s a private school then it’s often offers courses on a weekly basis (Each Monday) or on a monthly basis.

  • If affiliated with the University Institute then it usually runs 3 times a year (winter - summer - spring).

How much time needed to improve the English language for the purposes of study or work abroad?

In general, it depends on the basic level of English that you currently have, but usually it takes around a year for the majority of the students.

How can I determine my level of English?

The schools usually run a test before the beginning of each course, this test aims to spicify your level of English in order to put you in the right class and the right level, they also gives you the number of courses or weeks you will need to spend studying English in order to reach the required level.

From which age students can start their English Studies?

You can start your English studies at the age of 16 and there are some schools that offers summer courses for kids aged 7 years and above.

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