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Questions related to visas

Can you help me applying for a visa?

Indeed, Part of Yes Atlas services is helping you with all procedures related to the visa and that the paperwork include training on the interview, booking an appointment at the embassy fill in the application form in a professional manner and that certainly helps to avoid any delay the process or any refusal that might occur due to the lack of clarity of certain information in the application. All of that and more is being done by a professional and an experienced team.

How long will it take to get a visa? Is it difficult to get a visa?

Visa procedures in the embassy may take from a month to 3 months to get the visa, as for the difficulty Yes Atlas provides you with complete services that include training in order to be prepared for the interview the embassy, where they we connect you one of the specialists from Germany to provide you with all the information and in a manner and a professional way as well as all the details that will raise your profile and will definitely increase the percentage of getting the visa.

Are there any issues with the visa for Syrian nationality in particular?

In the event of getting a university offer it would increase the chance approving visa due to the fact that the purpose of travel is studying, whereby we tend to send Syrian students by providing training on the interview before conducting it with the Embassy as it will help students to answer the questions. You will need to keep in mind that the first and last decision is for the embassy.

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