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Study and living cost in Georgia

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Study and living expenses in Georgia

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Study expenses

Studying in Georgia is a high-quality, but very affordable option for many students. Depending on your field of study, an undergraduate degree earned in the country will only cost between 1500 and 3000 EUR. Universities each have varying tuition charges, but they tend to fall well within this range, giving students a good idea of what to expect and plan for.

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Living and accommodation costs

Ranking 106th in terms of cost of living, the only one of Georgia’s cities to even place on the top 500 most expensive cities is the capital, Tbilisi, which ranks 471st. This makes the country one of the most affordable on the planet, and students come from around the world to see just how far their savings will take them.

Sharing an apartment in the most expensive city to Tbilisi will typically cost less than 300 USD per month, and is one of the best ways for students to stretch their savings. The country is also known for its affordable, local cuisine options and cost-effective activities and excursions.

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