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Study and living cost in Ireland

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Study and living expenses in Ireland

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Study expenses

Ireland is a surprisingly cost-effective location to take your studies, considering its UK neighbor is one of the most expensive destinations in the world. Education follows this trend, though it’s important to remember that students will affect their tuition fees through their choices in terms of university and field of study.

The cost of tuition in the country – without a scholarship – can be as low as €10,000 for undergraduate degrees in humanities and arts, and as high as €52,000 for continued degrees in medical industries.

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Living and accommodation costs

The location a student chooses will directly affect the cost of living in the country. Those choosing one of the larger cities will likely pay more than those opting to live in the beautiful countryside. However, benefits of living in cities includes a broader array of educational opportunities, access to multicultural activities, and modern conveniences.

Overall, including the cost of housing, students studying in the country should expect to spend it an estimated €7,000 to €12,000 annually outside of their education.

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