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Majors and university offers

How much time would it take to get an admission offer?

  • Language offers: Within 24 hours.

  • Bachelor offer: 4 weeks

  • Masters offer: 4 to 6 weeks

What are the types of university offers?

Conditional offer {Conditional Admission}, it has two types:

  • University offer with a conditional language (full offer + Language University), {Package offer}.

  • 2. University conditional offer for TOFEL or IELTS (without the need of a language offer), {conditional based on TOEFL}

Unconditional offer (Final Offer) {Unconditional offer or direct admission}, candidate should have TOFEL or IELTS or any other tests such as SAT/GMAT, etc.…

What are the majors that I can get offers through Yes Atlas?

Yes Atlas team helps you to get offers in almost all majors, including the most common ones such as engineering, medicine and business administration.

Do you guarantee getting a university offer?

It cannot be guaranteed due to the fact that the decision is made from university, however Yes Atlas team studies all existing opportunities that are available for students before applying to the universities and request the necessary papers and documents then apply for more than one university at a time to ensure securing the offer in the desired major.

When dose the studying semesters starts in the U.S?

In most American universities studies begins in the autumn (August and September). Or spring (January and March). Some universities have other dates:

  • Fall: beginning of the studies starts in autumn (the month of August or September).

  • Spring: beginning of spring (Between Januarys to March).

  • Summer: Beginning of the summer studies (between May to July).

  • Winter: Dates for winter semester begins (December to January).

  • Spring I: the date of the beginning of the semester is January.

  • Spring II: the date of the beginning of the semester is March.

  • Fall I: the date of the beginning of the semester is August.

  • Fall II: the date of the beginning of the semester is October

  • Summer I: the date of the beginning of the semester is May

  • Summer II: the date of the beginning of the studies is June and July.

What is the possibility of studying medicine in Britain or Germany?

Studying medicine in the UK is a very difficult thing and almost impossible to get an offer from a university, however you can study medicine and get an offer by transferring from the Faculty of Medicine in your country after finishing two or three years in the Faculty of Medicine in your country and then asking for a transfer to complete the specialization in the UK. As for Germany, getting an offer is easy and we can help you securing that as well as you can study there for free as you are only obligated to pay the first year only.

What is the preferred country to study Engineering in?

Studying engineering is strong in most developed countries like America, Britain and other countries, but the most popular country is Germany.

What is the average cost of studying in Germany?

Believe it or not it’s free to study at a public universities in Germany, but in return you study the German language and a certain level of language required. The cost of the studying the language, ranges between 1000 – 1400 euros per year and this is a very low cost compared to other countries.

How much is the cost of living in Germany?

The Average cost of living in Germany varies depending on the city and the region, generally ranging from 700 euros to 750 euros per month. This depends on the type of accommodation and the region.

Are there any scholarships offered to students interested in studying in America?

Scholarships vary according to each university and area in the U.S but in most the time the student gets a partial scholarship ranging from 10% to 50% and this rate depends on the students grades.

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