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Study and living expenses in Hungary

Study expenses

Hungary has one of the cheaper education systems in Europe, though what it lacks in fees, it does not fall short of in education quality. Ranked #22 in terms of best global education, Hungary beats out some of the top European favorites like France, Sweden, and Spain.

In addition to international fees, ranging usually between 100 EUR and 150 EUR, the average cost of tuition for undergraduate studies can often be as low as 4500 EUR on an annual basis.

Living and accommodation costs

While typically the cost of living in Hungary falls far lower than other top student destinations in Europe and around the globe, a student’s experience and expenditure will vary slightly depending on the decisions they make.

In a shared apartment, students can pay as low as 250 EUR per month in an urban area. This price will naturally go down as students move further away from metropolitan city centers. Additionally, food, drinks, nightlife, and excursions come at an affordable price for the average student, who can take advantage of all Hungary has to offer without breaking the bank, especially with all of the country’s student discounts.

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