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Study and living cost in Cyprus

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Study and living expenses in Cyprus

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Study expenses

School years in Cyprus are, like many places, divided into two semesters – one beginning in October, and the other starting in February. Based on the institution, region of the island (Greek or Turkish), or a student’s proximity to a major city center, the cost of tuition is likely to vary.

Fees for universities in Cyprus tend to be less than 3500 EUR, annually.

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Living and accommodation costs

One condition to acquire a student visa is to show proof of financial ability to cover study and living costs in Cyprus. The most expensive location on the island is within the capital city of Nicosia, located in the middle of the country on the border between Greek and Turkish territories.

Food and rent in the country are known to be inexpensive; however, electricity and internet tend to come at a higher-than-average cost on the island. On average, rent will cost students between 150 EUR and 250 EUR per month. Other fees to consider are transportations, utilities, and food.