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Yes Atlas provides high quality students recruitment services

About Yes atlas

Yes Atlas Can Change The Way You See The World

Education and culture- this is what Yes Atlas brings to every student that engages our services. The world is full of experiences ready to be had. Yes Atlas gives students access to them.

Yes Atlas. The Largest and Most Successful Student Recruitment Agency in the Middle East. A true pioneer, multi award winning agency combining the broadest physical coverage in the Middle East with a rapidly growing online agency (, to give unparalleled access to the MENA market.

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Our History

Yes Atlas had a humble beginning, formed as an idea by a young IT student studying in Australia. Mr. Haitam Giat, the CEO and founder of Yes Atlas, started the agency with a group of partners in July of 2009. As a student in university, he had experience with different educational systems and understood the difficulties of trying to decide the path his future educational career should take. He decided to form the company out of a desire to help those in a similar situation. Thus, the Yes Atlas legacy was born.

Since then the agency has expanded rapidly. The site’s databases have grown and the services provided have become more sophisticated. Yes Atlas now serves the needs of students throughout the entire Middle East, with two new branches a year opened within the MENA region. Currently, the company has offices located throughout the countries of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the UAE.

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Our Market

We understand that each student comes from a unique background with different sets of circumstances. Our services simplify the study abroad process and help guide students through complications as they arise. The main divide in the topography of our students comes down to the matter of funds. While some our students are sponsored by private institutions (universities, agencies, places of employment), more than 60 percent of them are self-funded. We have processes in place to assist all students, whether they are those that come sponsored by the King Saud University and the Saud Drug and Food Authority, or those that strive to cover their own expenses with minimal resources.

While our students are primarily Arab, our main market of educational partners lies within English-speaking countries. We help students find placement with our educational partners in countries like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. In addition, we have expanded our network to include institutions in Turkey, Malaysia, Germany, and many more. Multiple new branches a year are opened so that we may engage with as many educational markets as possible.

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Our team of IT specialists has created an advanced, highly secure CRM system through which the website is run. This system stores and protects information on students, educational providers, visa applications, accommodations, and many other kinds of data.

The interface of our website is focused on the convenience of the user. The site displays a wide range of information, both in Arabic and English, and is easily searchable by students. To simplify the process, applications and documents can be filled out online before the student ever steps foot into one of our offices.

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Our Vison

We look forward to leading the movement of global education sweeping through the Middle East. We offer our services to contribute to the new generation of freethinking intellectuals with worldviews refined by multicultural experiences. We have expanded our network to serve all Arabic speaking countries, using our expertise of educational systems in countries all throughout the world to provide world class service, custom fit to the needs of every distinctive individual.

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Continual Expansion. As we grow, so do our opportunities to assist students and institutions. We have set our sights on the horizons of the educational field and take a focused approach towards exposure and marketing. Every year, we direct hundreds of thousands of dollar of funds towards market research in order to keep up to date with the latest advertisement tools and trends, breaking away from the mold when necessary. We utilize media like Google, Facebook, and educational blogs, and maintain a strong presence at educational events and fairs. We leverage professional networks through ICEF and NAFSA to accomplish our main goals: provide wider access for our students and increased exposure for our educational partners.

Our Services

What We Do For Our Students

Our teams of experts love getting to know new students and offer guidance as students take the next steps towards fulfilling their dreams.

We give advice and support tailor fitted to the needs of the unique individual. The following list is but a few examples of how we help students along their journey:

√ Provide professional guidance for finding the right institution in the right location

√ Help students fill out applications as we communicate with educational providers on their behalf

√ Assist with the translation of documents

√ Give professional advice and training for visa applications and interviews

√ Help students book flights, arrange airport pickup, and find housing accommodations

√ Provide insight and information on local culture, customs, tourist sites, and public transportation

√ Our team is always rooting for the success of our students and is available to help every step of the way

What We Do For Our Educational Partners

Our educational partners are of extreme importance to our team here at Yes Atlas. We strongly value the educational services they provide international students and offer them our full set of services to aid them in their success. The following list is but a few examples of how we support our educational partners:

√ Conduct thorough market research and surveys to pinpoint successful marketing trends in the Middle East

√ Assist in the creation of an advertisement plan based upon accurate market analysis

√ Provide Arabic translation support for documents and advertisements

√ Put on a series of Educational Fairs and private seminars to coach institutes on how to achieve relevant online brand presence

√ Extend visa invitation letters to Middle Eastern countries

√ Support institutes as they foster increased brand exposure and break in to new online marketplaces

Yes Atlas Location

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Key Contact

Meet the Team!

These are the faces that make Yes Atlas what it is today.

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Mr. Haitam Giat

Founder and CEO


Well-traveled professional with fluency in several languages, including Arabic and English. Began his higher education career in Australia by getting an Information Technology degree from RMIT. Worked for Microsoft Australia for many years and has expertise in the fields of IT, management, and marketing.

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Mr. Ahmed Alameri

Operations Manager


Got his first degree in Management Information Systems from the Al al-bayt University of Jordan. Responsible for coordinating Yes Atlas’ internal divisions and holding them to the agency’s standards of competence. Ensures the needs and expectations of students and partners are met and that the company is running smoothly.

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Mr. Mohammad Hassanain

Finance Manager


Obtained a degree in Accounting from the Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan. Has expertise in the fields of accounting, financial analysis, management, forecasting, budgeting, and implementation of ERB accounting systems and strategies.

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Ms. Hadeel Albiek

Marketing Manager


Has experience in the fields of business management, marketing analytics, business development, marketing strategies, research, and relationship sustainability. Began her higher education career by getting a Software Engineering degree from the Arab International University.

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Ms. Arwa Tayem

Marketing Manager


Being at the heart of the MENA region has encouraged her specialization in MENA-Western Relations In the higher education sector. Her professional and personal experiences motivate her to approach such relations through an intercultural perspective throughout her 7 years of experience in the International recruitment business. She is ITAC and USCG certified.

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Mr. Amer Al-Saleh

Riyadh Branch Manager


Got his first degree in Business Information Technology from the University of Jordan, with certifications in quality assurance, business intelligence, and business development. Has 10 years of customer service and sales experience in Qatar, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and is an expert of marketplace trends in the Gulf countries.

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Mr. Saed Qandah

Abu Dhabi Branch Manager


He first studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Hashemite University of Jordan. He has more than 6 years of experience working in the education field, has expertise in the fields of marketing, business management, and quality assurance, and is certified as a Qualified Education Agent Counselor (QEAC Australia).

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Mr. Bandar Omar

Jeddah Branch Manager


Has a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology that he obtained from the Sikkim Manipal University of Medical and Computer Engineering in India. With over ten years of experience, he is one of our leading experts in the field of global education.


Our Partnership with is one of the world’s leading search platforms for language courses, professional training, and academic programs. It has an extensive brand portfolio, with more than 350 language schools and over 1,100 higher education providers spread across 20 countries. The site gets impressive traffic, with a stream of over 3,000 visitors every day.

While is an online platform, Yes Atlas provides offline services to students through local offices in the region. These services include everything from face to face counseling, to local payment options and visa services.